San Francisco, California


About Three years ago, I had a chance to visit San Francisco.
I stayed there only for 2 hours because I had to transfer to another airplane soon, but I saw beautiful mountains around San Francisco airport.
It was such a gorgeous view and when I saw the mountains, I decided to come back here in the future.

Jeju island, Korea


Jeju Island is a tiny little island placed right below Korea.
Despite of its size, it is really beautiful island.
Its weather is just like Hawaii. It is really warm and humid. There are so many beautiful flowers and tree

Laie, Hawaii


Hawaii is definitely one of my favorite places.
The weather is perfect and really awesome! Especially, Laie is my favorite city.
I love this place because it is very quite. I had lived in a city fore about two years and it was terrible. Cars were everywhere and really loud.
However, Laie is very quite and I feel calm almost everyday. This is why I love Laie.


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