Seven Classmates

Jihyun Park

park His from South Korea. He has been studying here for 3 years and is majoring in IT. He is very smart guy. He has total four people in his family. His father, mother, himself and younger sister. His sister also is studying here. Unlikely other Koreans, His favorite food is french fries. He doesn't like vegetables and shellfishes.
He has served his mission in California San fernando mission. He loves playing video games and any kinds of sports with balls. Also, he finished his two years of his military duty before he returned to the campus. He is very chill and nice guy. His personality is really nice too. Anyone will love him if they get know him. I'm so excited to know him more and study together in IT 240 class.

Asako Inoue

asako Asako Inoue is from Japan, which is my neighbor country. She is really nice girl. She just got married to Gana Turina who is from Tahiti. She is majoring in Graphic Design major. Her favorite food is raw fish or sushis. She worked in the campus before and currently is working at the Polynesian Cultural Center. She started studying in Brigum Young University-Hawaii in 2014, so it has been about an year from that time.
She is really nice girl and has really awesome personality. Her English name is Angela. She loves to be here and study here. Everyone will love her because of her great personality. I'm so excited to study with her in the same class. I'm sure that I will learn so many web design skills from her for this semesters. She is really good at decorating and designing her websites. Every time, she surprises me.

Gana Turina

gana Gana Turina is from Tahiti. He is the most buff guy I ever met. He is the husband of Asako Inoue who is from Japan. They got married pretty recently. Like his wife, he is majoring in Graphic Design major. He is 25 years old now and served his mission here, Hawaii mission. He loves steaks and raw fishes, or sushis. He does not like prideful people, so his favorite person is those who are humble.
He also does not like having not enough sleep. His personality is really awesome. He is such a cool guy ever I have met. Also, he is out going person. He is currently working at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Because of his personality, everyone loves him.


rachel Rachel is 21 years old. She is really out going person. We broke the ice pretty quick. Her personality is really awesome and cool. She is from Arizona and has two older brothers. She loves sports a lot. She love to play soccer and to go to beach and hiking. She has hiked the Grand Canyon. She has served her mission in Mexico mission, so she knows how to speak Spanish. She loves french fries. Her hobby is to craft.
Her favorite thing in the world is shoes. She told me that she is so happy when she buys a brand new pair of shoes. Also She loves every temple. I'm so happy to be in the same class with her and learn together. She is good at making webpages.


christy Christy is from Tonga. She is majoring in IT major and 24 years old. She loves her boyfriend. Her favorite food is ice cream. She has one older brother. She loves sleeping and eating food. She is suffering from her homesick now. She misses her home, Tonga. Her personality is really outgoing.
She is really nice and cool. I'm pretty sure that everyone will love her because of her personality and characteristic. She is good at IT and smart. I'm really excited to be in the same class with her and learn from her.

Yoshiyuki Tanaka

yoshi Yoshiyuki Tanaka is from Japan. He is 25 years old and loves sushis. He has three people in his family. Himself, his parents. He is the only child in his family. I don't know what it is, but he said that he's hubby is Matrix. He has served his mission in Japan Sendai mission. He is very smart. His personality is really great.
I really enjoyed while I was talking with him. Thanks to his great and awesome personality, I was able to break the ice instantly. Also, I noticed that he speaks really good English while we were having conversation. I'm so excited to be in the same class with him. He knows how to design his webpages. I think that I will learn a lot from him.

Hunsik Son

son Hunsik is from Korea. He is 30 years old. He knows how to play guitar and ocarina. Also, he loves to sing while he takes shower. He's favorite food is Gamja tang, which is a Korean food. President Tomas S. Monson is his favorite person. He has a great personality. He knows how to talk with strangers. he has nice manner and pretty smart. He is majoring in Graphic Design major and has been here only for one semester.
He speaks good English. Also, he is good at designing his webpages. I'm super excited to be in the same class with him and learn from him. I think that it will be the best chance for me to learn about designing.

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